Diagnostic Services

The Orthopedic Center offers convenient on-site Digital X-Ray services. Digital imaging allows higher resolution and contrast, affording faster and more accurate diagnoses, all of this while using less radiation. Our providers are trained and experienced in the interpretation of these exams.

Diagnostic Ultrasound and Ultrasound-Guided injections are also available. This technology permits accurate and less painful placement of needed medicine into joints and soft tissues as well as the diagnosis of tendon, ligament, and muscle injuries.

Electrodiagnostic services are also available at The Orthopedic Center. These are indicated to find the cause of numbness, weakness or other nerve dysfunction. 

Digital Radiography

The Orthopedic Center is proud to offer patients Digital X-Ray services at both locations. Digitial radiography offers many advantages over conventional film including:

  • Speed – Without the need for chemical development, images are immediately available to the technologist and the physician. This reduces your wait time significantly.

  • Dose Reduction – Digital image receptors are much more sensitive to low levels of radiation compared to film/screen, therefore require less radiation to produce a diagnostic radiographic image.

  • Post-processing Manipulation – Digital radiography  provides high-resolution images that can be magnified and digitally manipulated post-processing to reveal additional anatomical features not seen in the initial image set.  

  • Portability – Imaging studies can easily be viewed in the cloud and/or transferred to different other locations via CD or other electronic means if needed.

  • Archivability – Storage of images occurs on servers, rather than entire warehouses of archived hard copies. This means that your digital images will be available permanently and not manually purged every 7 years.

The Orthopedic Center is proud to offer patients Digital portable Ultrasound services at both locations. Ultrasound uses non ionizing high-frequency sound to image soft tissue structures in the body. Ultrasound is well suited in orthopedics for the diagnosis of tendon, ligament and muscle injury. It is also invaluable in helping deliver injectable medication such as cortisone to the intended anatomic compartment. Some of the advantages of portable digital ultrasonography follow:

  • Speed – Images are immediately available to the provider and the physician. This reduces your wait time significantly.

  • Safety – Unlike X-ray that uses ionizing radiation, ultrasound utilizes high-frequency sound waves. These are know to be safe if current imaging protocols are used. The amounts and duration of the exposure for most orthopedic exams is generally quite safe.

  • Real-Time Imaging – Ultrasound can be used to visualize moving structures and fluids allowing the physicians to diagnose conditions that will only become evident during activity.

Electrodiagnostic Testing

The Orthopedic Center is proud to offer patients electrodiagnostic services. These exams are indicated to diagnose the cause of extremity pain, numbness and weakness. It can aid the physician in locating the potential cause of nerve dysfunction including neuropathy, nerve compression and pinched nerves in your neck or low back.

Electrodiagnostics are used in conjunction with clinical examination to test the function of muscles and nerves and can help determine the causes of back or neck pain, numbness and tingling, and strength loss.

This diagnostic information can be invaluable in order for your physician to provide you with the most appropriate treatment for your specific condition.