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Total hip replacement is a very successful surgical procedure in practice since the 50’s. It has been perfected over time and now it is routinely performed by Orthopedic Surgeons. It is in fact the one of the most successful medical procedures when it comes to improvements in overall health and quality of life.

Providers at The Orthopedic Center are experienced at determining if a total hip replacement would be appropriate for you.

Total Hip Replacement

Total hip replacement becomes an treatment option when conservative management has failed and the pain is interfering significantly with your activities of daily living. Only you and your orthopedic surgeon can decide if this option is appropriate for your particular situation.

For the performance of this operation your orthopedic surgeon will gain access to your hip joint utilizing one of many safe surgical approaches. Once the joint is adequately visualized, the orthopedic surgeon will remove the femoral head and the surface of the hip socket (acetabulum) and will replace them with size-matched high-tech materials.

The implants are secured to the bone generally by “press-fitting” the implant into the prepared bone. Press-fitting really means that when the bone is prepared, the space created is just a little smaller than the implant and when the implant is impacted into the bone it will be tightly held by it. The titanium implant surface that contacts the bone has a porous finish that will encourage bone “ingrowth”. When completed in about 6 to 8 weeks, this bone ingrowth will provide a very secure biologic fixation.

Occasionally, when the bones are thin and relatively weak, the surgeon may choose to “cement” the femoral (thigh bone) component instead of press-fitting it. The poly-methyl-methacrylate (PMMA) cement will provide an extremely durable and strong fixation of your implant.

Which Hip Incision Is Right For You?

Total hip replacement is arguably the most successful of all joint replacements. The great majority of patients experience great relief of pain immediately after the procedure. The most significant advances in hip replacement surgery are related to our improved understanding of materials, bone fixation, joint stability and implant design.

Recently, the surgical approach is being hailed as the primary factor determining the success of this intervention. The direct anterior approach is being widely marketed to patients with claims of less muscle damage, improved stability, less pain, faster recovery, and greater overall superiority when compared to all other surgical approaches. However, when high-quality scientific studies compare surgical approaches performed by expert and experienced hands, there is little difference, if any, between the anterior and the mini-posterior hip approaches with regards to short and medium-term results.

An unfortunate consequence of all the marketing is that it is unfairly shifting the focus away from the real goal of hip replacement surgery:  TO PROVIDE YOU WITH A STABLE, PAIN-FREE AND DURABLE JOINT. To achieve this goal reliably, your surgeon will carefully choose the surgical technique and the implants used based on safety, experience, quality and an excellent track record of implant durability. 

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