Joint Replacement

Joint Replacement Surgery - Knee, Hip, & Shoulder

When a particular joint has been damaged by arthritis or trauma to the point that conservative management is no longer effective, Joint Replacement surgery, also called arthroplasty, becomes the next option.

Replacing a joint consists of removing worn and deformed joint surfaces and replacing them with high-tech, bio-compatible materials that restore friction-free and pain-free motion.

The ultimate goal of joint replacement surgery is to provide patients with a durable, pain-free joint that will perform well for many years.

Your Surgeons at the Orthopedic Center are  fellowship-trained in joint replacement and have many years of experience in these procedures. They have performed over four thousand joint replacements. 

Rest assured that the surgeons at The Orthopedic Center have carefully chosen their techniques and implants based on quality, patient safety, patient comfort, and durable outcomes.

​At the Orthopedic Center we offer several advanced joint replacement interventions including:

  • Total Knee Replacement

  • Partial Knee Replacement

  • Total Hip Replacement

  • Partial Hip Replacement (fracture)

  • Total Shoulder Replacement

  • Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

  • Revision Joint Replacement

  • Radial Head Replacement (elbow fracture)

You can be confident that at The Orthopedic Center,  your surgeons are not only Board-Certified, but also Fellowship-Trained in Joint Replacement and Adult Reconstruction.

Our Orthopedic Surgeons have many years of experience. They perform over 400 joint replacement per year. They consistently offer their patients superior and durable outcomes. Our surgeons have earned the trust of their patients, the respect of their peers and the support of the community.

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