Medicolegal / 2nd Opinion

Second opinions and Independent Medical Examinations can be sought or initiated by patients, primary physicians, specialists, insurance companies, claimants, attorneys, and others for opinions regarding medical care, work related incidents/injuries, insurance determinations, or legal action.

Our Board certified Orthopedic Surgeons have the clinical and leadership experience to evaluate orthopedic conditions at every stage of acuity and healing. As Fellows, our Surgeons abide by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons Code of Ethics.

Whether you are seeking an Independent Medical Evaluation (IME), a valued Second Opinion, or a review of medical records, rest assured that regardless of the source of the request, the opinions formulated by our Physicians will be governed by strict ethical and legal considerations in order to avoid any potential conflicts of interest and to remain fair and objective in all determinations and opinions.

Please contact our office to discuss and schedule your specific case. We understand your time is valuable. We are committed to keep all communication prompt and confidential. You can trust we will process your report in a timely and efficient fashion.