Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine - Treatment & Orthopedic SurgeryAt The Orthopedic Center we are experts in the treatment and rehabilitation of sports related injuries and conditions.

Whether you are a hard-core competitive athlete, a weekend warrior or just get hurt chasing the grandchildren, The Orthopedic Center providers are expert in the diagnosis and treatment of many sports related injuries.

Our goal is your rapid and safe return to the activities you love. We provide non-surgical and surgical management to acute and chronic injuries.

Some of the most common injuries include ankle sprain or strains, groin pulls, hamstring strain, shin splints, knee meniscal tearsknee ligament tears (ACL tears), runner’s knee (pain behind the kneecap), tennis elbow, shoulder sprain, patellar dislocations, and low-back pain among others.

Sprains are basically injuries to the connecting collagen between bones in a joint. Strains are injuries to muscle fibers or tendons, which anchor muscles to bones.

The occurrence of sports injuries is often beyond our control, however, there are ways to mitigate and reduce the frequency and severity of these injuries by following some basic advice. First, we must gradually condition ourselves to the activity by consistently increasing the intensity and duration of the activity until you reach your goals. Before you start your workout, a gentle warm-up and stretching session is mandatory.

Your ability to overcome your body’s pain during this process will determine your likelihood of getting injured. Pain is a natural response of your body to excessive use therefore ignoring it too long will lead to overuse injuries. Learn to recognize when you have reached your comfort level and allow your body to recover.

When to get medical attention

It’s OK to put up with some initial discomfort, but don’t ignore a serious injury. If you suspect a serious injury or if you have any of these signs, see a doctor:

  • The pain is not controlled by the “PRICE” therapy and over-the-counter analgesics.

  • There is a deformity in the joint or the extremity. It looks warped or moves abnormally.

  • You cannot bear weight or can’t use the limb without it not supporting you or buckling.

  • There is excessive swelling

  • Your skin is very discolored or severely bruised

  • It’s not getting any better after a few days of PRICE therapy